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    Our team is trade around the world
    And you get every day your profit automatic way!
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  • Technology and efficiency
    We have what is most modern in algorithms analysis technology
    That combined with experienced proficionais on Trade guarantee high profitability!
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  • Greater Profitability
    With WalletPllus you double your investment within 60 days
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Innovation in the Bitcoin universe

The WalletPllus was born to meet the basic need of the market Bitcoin owners manage to win more bitcoins and monetize their existing bitcoins in the shortest time possible. In our case, fold in just 60 days! And bring a lot of additional services

Trading WalletPllus

The WalletPllus daily pay 3.3% of their contracted package, making your money double in 60 consecutive days. The latest technology allows us to use trade worldwide. exelente thus having a conversion rate.

Recharge Mobile

You get this incredible ease. Reload your mobile with your bitcoins anywhere in the world, it is easy, fast and secure. An integration with telecom operators to bring more comfort to you.

Send and Receive Bitcoins

We offer our investors the functionality to send and receive bitcoins between users of WalletPllus. Just inform the User login and BTC amount to be sent and ready.

Pay your bills

Pay your bills with bitcoins without entering the queue in WalletPllus you do not lose hours in line. The WalletPllus entered into covenant with the bank network to bring more all within your Back Office.

Simple and easy to use

Everything has been thought to facilitate their management, including you access our platform through the computer, tablet or mobile phone. You have a complete Back Office at your disposal to keep up with everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How to get Profit

The WalletPllus has several expecialistas in trade and sophisticated algorithms to maximize the gains, returning to you a high profit in less time

1. Select Package

You have several investment options.
Choose the one that pleases you.

2. Process trade

Our technology ensures a profit of 3.3% daily.

3. Accelerate gains

Through the binary network,
Accelerate further their gains

4. Get profits

Your profits are credited daily,
Within 60 days bend your investments

WalletPllus - Trade

You may have heard some alternatives to multiply your winnings in bitcoins, mining being the best known of them and the most widespread.

But mining is becoming increasingly expensive, concentrated in large Chinese groups and the increase in the number of coins created has also become less and less profitable.

For this reason, we find a better way in bitcoins trading operation.

The Bitcoin Trading is when you buy and sell bitcoins to make a profit from the difference in the price of bitcoin in the various exchanges. You explore the price difference in different exchanges and keep the difference as profit.

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See how It works -

If the Exchange A has a $ 700 price for bitcoin and Exchange B has a $ 800 price for bitcoin, you can enjoy and explore the difference in price, taking the difference of $ 100 for you, money / easy bitcoin it's free. You simultaneously buy bitcoin exchange in the cheapest and the most expensive sold in exchange.

If you buy one bitcoin by USD 700 in The Exchange and sell 1 bitcoin by USD 800 in Exchange B, you end up still having one bitcoin, except that you also have an additional $ 100 you did not have before.

If you have time, you can do this all day, keeping its initial capital and multiplying your earnings. Important point: the more capital, more profit you earn!

Fold Even faster

You can get it even faster using the incredible power of the binary network to indicate new people also benefit from our proposal.

With the high power doubling binary network, you can bend your bitcoins in a shorter time

Tell your friends our platform and further accelerate their earnings.

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Our Packages

Basic 1
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3 %
  • Binary: 5 %
  • Daily limit: 0.10 BTC
Basic 2
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3 %
  • Binary: 7%
  • Daily limit: 0.20 BTC
Basic 3
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3 %
  • Binary: 8 %
  • Daily limit: 0.60 BTC
Basic 4
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3 %
  • Binary: 10 %
  • Daily limit: 1.0 BTC
Premiun 1
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3 %
  • Binary: 15 %
  • Daily limit: 2.0 BTC
Premiun 2
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3%
  • Binary: 17 %
  • Daily limit: 4.0 BTC
Premiun 3
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3%
  • Binary:20 %
  • Daily limit: 6.0 BTC
Premiun 4
  • Fold in 60 days
  • Daily income: 3,3%
  • Binary:25 %
  • Daily limit: 8.0 BTC


Our frequently asked questions

If you have questions, send us a message. Reply as soon as possible.


Our system is integrated with the blockchain technology. Blockchain is one that is more secure data transfer in the current scenario

Daily Bonus WalletPllus

The bonus is processed daily at 17:00

Serves WalletPllus

Withdrawals can be requested manual or automatic way, the investor manual may request withdrawal at any momendo just take the minimum value 0.01 BTC or if you prefer just mark in the back office option (SERVE AUTO) the amount will be credited every day your registered portfolio 13:00 without requesting withdrawal.

Serve time

After manually requesting a withdrawal deadline for the amount be credited to your registered BitCoin portfolio is up to one minute.

Serve notice

Our platform sent an automatically SMS to your saved phone number notifying you of the transfer and the Bitcoin value received!

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